Houston Social Forum

Apr 29 2006 - 8:00am
Apr 30 2006 - 5:00pm

Event Description:

The Houston Social Forum is:

  • a regional event that addresses local as well as global issues
  • comprised of diverse groups building from common values
  • nongovernmental and non-partian
  • supportive of true participatory democracy
  • nonviolent resistance to the world's injustice
  • working toward mechanisms that value people over profit

Details: http://www.houstonsocialforum.org/

It will be held the last weekend in April, over two full days, where individuals and groups come together to meet, to network, to discuss issues, to inform each other, and to build community.

The Houston Social Forum will be held at Texas Southern University (TSU) http://www.tsu.edu/ -- a centrally located location that is easy to reach and welcoming to this event.

Campus map: http://www.tsu.edu/about/campus/directions/map.asp

See the HSF web site for lots more details.

Event Sponsor:
Houston Social Forum organizing committee

Event Contact Name:
Bill Crosier

Event Phone Contact Information:

Event Email Address:

Event Website:

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