[Houston Social Forum] Getting HSF list going

Submitted by PAAMember on September 8, 2005 - 2:00am. ::

We need to add a little description for the HSF list info page at

This is the page that potential new subscribers will see when they go
to sign up for the list, so it's good to have a few lines that lets
them know that they went to the right place, briefly what the list is
for, maybe a sentence or two about the HSF, etc. It's the URL for
the page we can put into e-mails to send to people who may want to
join us.

Someone want to write a draft for this brief info statement about the
HSF e-mail list?

And if someone wants to get a little more ambitious and write up
another flyer about HSF, how to sign up for this list, etc. that we
can hand out to everyone who comes Sun. evening, that would be
terrific. I like the flyers that we already have, but I think it
would be helpful to add more specifics that would tell someone how
their particular group/organization could benefit by being a part of
the HSF, and especially to get involved in the planning process.

So, anyone have ideas on this?

Also, does anyone know if the graphic that Jennifer got (or perhaps
one of the others of you found) which we have on the new HSF flyer is
copyrighted? I like it a lot, but if it's copyrighted then we should
probably get a different one, or else ask the artist if it's OK to
use it.