Stop the Coal Rush Rally and Lobby Day in Austin

Feb 11 2007 - 12:00am
Feb 12 2007 - 8:00pm

Event Description:

Take Action on Global Warming - Stop the Coal Rush

After 50 years of global warming,  there are now eight times as many floods, bad hurricanes, and other climate disasters.  Rising insurance rates mean global warming is costing us money now. Governor Perry and Texas utility companies plan to add a lot to Texas' global warming emissions by hurrying to build a bunch of  old-style, polluting coal plants.

Please join Houston Sierra Club, Houston Climate Protection Alliance, and other environmental groups in protesting this Coal Rush on Sunday February 11, 3pm on the Capitol Steps in Austin.  We are organizing transportation and lodging.  Travel funds are available .   If you can, stay overnight for our Stop the Coal Rush Lobby Day on Monday February 12.  

If you cannot come to Austin, please visit or write your Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator to ask them to vote for a time out in coal plant permitting, and for bills on energy efficiency and renewable energy.   You can look up who represents you on

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Houston Sierra Club

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Nan Hildreth

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Modest charge for bus and lodging. Scholarships available.