Impeachment Jamboree Planning Committee

Feb 27 2007 - 6:30pm
Feb 27 2007 - 8:30pm

Event Description:

The impeachment event on April 9th is fleshing out to become one heck of a gathering. At this meeting, we will be discussing three important things. The program of the event, The impeachment resolution to city council, and the Distribution of flyers (outreach).

This time, we will be meeting at the Pappas Burger on Westheimer. Pappas Burger is famous for their fantastic, homemade burgers. They also have many vegetarian options, too. They serve a grilled portabella sandwhich served with lettuce, tomatoes, and grilled onions. They also have a greek salad served with pita bread and a caesar salad served with pita chips. In addition, you can order a tortilla soup, cheese quesadillas, or coleslaw.

We need ALL of you at the meeting, so get there early if you can!
Without YOUR help, this event could never be a success.

Event Sponsor:
Impeach Bush Houston Meetup Group

Event Contact Name:
Ivan Espinosa or Charlie Mauch

Event Phone Contact Information:
713-269-7781 or 713-432-1277

Event Email Address: