Houston Demands Impeachment: Joins Nationwide Call to Action

Apr 27 2007 - 4:00pm
Apr 27 2007 - 8:00pm

Event Description:

Friday and Saturday, April 27-28, people across the country, in cities large and small are staging rallies and demonstrations as part of a nationwide demand for impeachment to redress the illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq; the spying in open violation of the law; the sanctioned use of torture etc.

Houstonians will gather 4 p.m. Friday, April 27, on the six suspension bridges of Highway 59 for live freeway blogging. The bridges are bounded on the west by Shepherd Street and on the east by Main Street, named north to south the Montrose, Graustark, Mandel, Dunlavy, Woodhead and Hazard Bridges.

The plan: Two signs printed with IMPEACH; one for each direction of traffic flow, will be provided for all six bridges. Activists will hold and stand with the 6'x 4' signs.

All are welcome and encouraged to come stand in solidarity.

This will be a strictly daytime operation, from about 4pm till the end of
the traffic jam, or we get tired, whichever comes first.

A different peace organization will adopt each bridge.  All adoptions have
not yet been certified, but information on this will follow shortly

Participants are encouraged to bring family, friends and loved ones. And spread the word far and wide. Impeachment News Release attached.

Contact: Don Cook, 713-705-5594

Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance

Event Contact Name:
Don Cook

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Event Fee:
Free and open to the public

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