Protest the Toxic Well Injections!

Dec 7 2007 - 11:00am
Dec 7 2007 - 1:00pm

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Note : this Toxic Injection COULD affect water supplies in many places other than just North Houston.

This is to protest the proposed injection of toxic waste (paint thinner, other chemicals) by TexCom under the aquifer that supplies 54 Texas counties (including Harris). [ Organizing information in the main article ].

Please participate if possible, either physically attending events, helping with carpools, or helping to fund van pools.

For those in North Houston / Conroe:  

The plan is to carpool from the Lone Star Convention center in Conroe (for those who wish to carpool)

Google Map to the Lone Star Convention Center [ click on link to get the Google Map ]

and then carpool down to the protest at TexCom.

For those coming from other places:

We are going to park/meet at Kroger 9919 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX  [ click link to get a Google Map ]

It is one mile from TexCom and what we are going to do is car pool
everyone down there, drop them off at TexCom and all the drivers of the
vehicles will park right across the street from TexCom as there are
several residential neighborhoods with off street parking.  We didn't
want ALL the cars to park there so that is why we are doing the Kroger

If anyone attends the protest on their own (for example, seeing it on
your website or looking at our website) then they can park directly
across the street in the residential neighborhood. 

For more information :

Stop The Toxic Wells!

Two public meetings have been held so far on the issue in the Armstrong Elementary school in Conroe. The first had about 700+ people, the second 400+, and we hope for 1000+ at the next one this Thursday (again ,see the website for issue details and schedules).

KPFT will be having a show (thanks John Basel!) on Tuesday on the topic. 

Lastly, the hearings for TexCom take place on December 12-14 (the first is in a court setting, the other two days are open to the public in larger facilities).

EMAIL below from is from CROW (they're doing a GREAT job of organizing IMHO) -


We are contacting you because you recently expressed interest in joining our protest against TexCom on Friday Dec. 7th 2007 for the organization C.R.O.W.  This is just a follow up email to see how many of you are still interested in helping.  The protest is important because if gives the general public a chance to let TexCom know that we do not want these hazardous chemicals dumped into these wells and also makes more of the general public aware of this.

We had initially wanted to arrange some kind of transportation, but we could not get anyone to donate a bus to us.  While it is still possible to get a bus for $800 dollars out of pocket we are trying to find out if perhaps we could set up a carpool.  Those of you who are interested in going and have room in your vehicle please let us know a.s.a.p.  If we can work it out to where we can just all carpool together that will save C.R.O.W. a lot of money and would be helping the cause that much more.  If we cannot get enough people to work out some sort of carpool we will have to order the bus by Wednesday night and ask all that want a ride on it to donate 10$ towards the ride.

So I guess the next step is to let us know if you need transportation or can provide transportation for those that need it. :) 

We are also hoping to set up a banner making party for the protest.  If anyone is interested in holding this at their house please let us know as well.  It can be fun, we can have a pot-luck and come up with some different signs and banners for the action.  Suggestions for slogans, chants, etc.. are always warmly welcomed!

We have many supplies to create the signs already but if people want to bring some posterboards to make individuals signs also that would be great!!!

Please let us know that you received this email as I will be furnishing you all with directions and further information regarding the protest.  If we can work out this carpool thing we were hoping to meet at the convention center ( we will give you directions for this as well) before we all head down there.  Thank you all again for your support, together we can stop this!

In Community,
The C.R.O.W. Direct Action Committee

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