PAA April Monthly Meeting Minutes

Submitted by C. Lee Taylor on April 9, 2009 - 9:48pm. ::

PAA General Meeting
Thursday, April 09, 2009
Havens Center, 1827 Alabama

Convened: 7 p.m.

Attending: Bill Crosier, Tracie Hartigan, Mark Lacy, Cheryl Crosier, Bart Boyce, Jo Collier; Shane; CLT; Ted Weisgal, Nic Cooper; Lee Loe (briefly re Peace News distribution and racks that need signage), John Herrera, Rob Block. Don Cook, Art Browning, Eddie Garcia, Courtney Wilson

• Introductions
• 2-10pm Saturday, May 16, Zine Fest Houston 2009, at Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004 Zine Fest Houston is an event dedicated to promoting zines, minicomics and other forms of small press, alternative, underground and diy media & art. Good opp for networking with other indie media groups Contact:
• WinWin Health Care for All Texans, next meeting in conference room at KPFT April 19
• Palestinian Film Festival May 1
• This is America May 1 screening
• Resources for promoting events: HCNOnline;; SpaceTaker; Arts Hound; Glass Tire for art events; Houston Peace News; The Defender; La Nueva Raza News; KPFT (PSAs, open journal) FaceBook, Community activities section; KTRU, KUHF, Houston Media Source new community radio online; 8,000 extra SF part of which for radio and media incubator; FreePress newspaper; FemNet; TWIT (This Week in Texas)
• Revise Houston Indy Media’s Wiki page for online resources
• Print, web, radio, cable access, zines
• Discussion about use of calendars, how to post and issues about getting events posted: set up workshop at Zine Fest to train those on how to post; posting to Houston Indy Media calendar first; pull together list of resources for promoting events
• Topics: How to get stuff posted; KPFT; how to galvanize indy media in Houston; need to diversify groups (e.g. present participants dominantly white and hetero); emergency info

How to get stuff posted: Discussion about shutting down some of the redundant calendars (e.g. KPFT, HPJC, PAA) and routing everyone to the Houston Indy Media events calendar

KPFT: Bylaws require board meetings to allot 30 minutes devoted to public comment 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 15 at Alliance Francaise – entreat folk to attend and express ideas for T and indy media; more positions to be filled on Program Council by management (both staff and listener); bylaws mandate two annual meetings wants, needs, concerns re: KPFT; summer/fall Miller Theatre concert planned – opp to sign up new blood; next election to LSB end of 2009 and use opp to express views; Jennifer Rene Pool liaison for gay/bi/lez/trans community; Parnel Herbert liaison in black community

Indy Media: goals and how to galvanize around them
Discussion: organize around the recent arrest of an iman for his anti-war demonstration; Goal - HoustonIndyMedia requires all of us to write and publish our own stories; HIM has capacity to go where corp media did not e.g. challenging the hegemony; indy media is forum unlike any other in that the stories and issues have a widespread vehicle because of links to every indymedia collective in the world e.g. year and half ago klan or MinuteMen were harassing day laborers nd organizing in Jack in the Box parking lot
Courtney demonstrated ease of publishing on; seed articles with corporate malfeasors by name and request for workshop on writing (include links, photos, videos)

Diversification of activists: Montrose Gym; Outsmart, Impact Houston, FemNet how to bring in a more diverse group, which might require more creativity to bridge the history of racism/sexism; need to provide opportunity/space for those who’ve been historically marginalized to produce their own stories; imperative for learning how to respect/listen to others

Emergency: what’s in place in event of emergencies like Ike when KPFT off air (no power at transmitter; microlink down; no power at station) KPFT is looking into broadcasting online during emergency; failure of GM to communicate re: nature of emergency; why KPFT was the only radio off air; lo-power transmitter cost money station did not have to get up and running and our engineer is now part-time and has his roof fall in; text messaging system; imperative of radio during emergency; how to keep power at transmitters (requires big generator) and station in order to keep station going during emergency; station needs to develop emergency plan

To do: eliminate redundant calendars (especially non-open source); how to post workshop; where to post resource site; how to write workshop at Zine fest Saturday, May 16 with HoustonIndyMedia/KPFT/
WritersInk/Colleen); clarification of indy media goals; if want to diversify continue discussion at a different venue under other auspices e.g. La Nueva Raza or Houston Media Source; create an events list with a point person from each group who’ll be first notified of upcoming events

Next PAA meeting 7 p.m. Thursday May 14, at Havens Center, 1827 Alabama, Houston 77098

Adjourned 9:25 p.m.