PAA General Meeting Minutes June, 2009

Submitted by C. Lee Taylor on June 25, 2009 - 11:39pm. ::

PAA General Meeting
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Havens Center, 1827 Alabama

Convened: 7 p.m. ish

Attending: Bill Crosier, Jon Axford, Bart Boyce, Don Cook; Lee Loe; Cheryl Crosier, Bob Carter; Robert Graham, Mark Lacy, Tim O’Brien, Lee Demers, Madeleine Crozat-Williams, CLT

• Robert Graham reported on his freeway blogging experience. _____ narced to the police with photo of Robert G affixing sign to freeway for which Robert was charges but which were ultimately dismissed
• Gilad Atzmon ( Wednesday June 3, at The Station, music & talk with Q&A was very successful; raised $1500 Houston Coalition JPP
• Discussion about hosting Gaza on My Mind, at Miller Theatre, possibly with Atzmon
• Juneteenth at Miller Theatre Friday, June 19 with Trombone Shorty and Tlaguepague Market, Saturday-Sunday, June 20-21, with a diverse lineup of music, spoken word etc. including Los Pistoleros, TonTon et al. Outreach opportunities at Miller Theatre: health care for all; progressive city council candidates; Democracy Now! on KPFT; Contact Don about helping distribute Progressive Candidates fliers at Juneteenth
• Pride Parade Saturday evening June 27th: Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Green Party, KPFT all participating. Another outreach opportunity, passing out lit before the parade
• Nancy Pelosi Demonstration 6:30 p.m. Friday, June 12, at Wortham Theater, Bill, CLT, Tim, Madeleine, demanding Universal, Single Payer Health Care, war criminal prosecutions, defund wars, at Nancy Pelosi’s talk,
• Meet 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 16 at City Hall for City Council Resolution on Universal Single Payer; want to show strong support and need folks to visit with council members individually
• Camp Dos Cabezas Fundraiser: date TBA with music; more skinny forthcoming. Check website
• Next PAA General Meeting Thursday, July 9, will be devoted on how to write an op ed that will get published. Propose we write an article (350 words) and bring for edits. Also, bring background info so others can write letter/article on issue. Lee Loe will contact Carol Christian with Houston Chronicle for her professional input
• Letters to editor on Health Care for All; Bill C; Art B; Tim; Bob, CLT to write letters () Encouraged to CC Health Care for all Texas ( and Physicians for National Health Plan ( :
• Houston Museum of Culture: Mark has developed an hour presentation to groups for people to become founders; not intended to be a cultural art museum, will address media issues, local economy and will figure in social change; would like help with contacts and organizing a founding committee by end of 2009; working on vision/goal thru 2011; some additional skinny at
• Noon, Saturday, June 20 Protest at T. Don Hutto Detention Center, 1001 Welch in Taylor, Texas. Meet at Heritage Park in Taylor and then walk to Center. Check
• Houston Peace News has 20 wire racks for paper distribution. Moved and seconded PAA pay up to $50 for laminated HPN signs to place on racks.
• 6:30 p.m. Saturday, August 8, 708B Telephone Rd. at Lockwood. Potluck, social event/summer activities: late afternoon/evening movie night at Houston Institute for Culture; premier of HMOC video; Health Care for All Texas
• Rodney Ellis: Town Hall Meeting 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 17, Communications Workers Hall, 1730 Jefferson St. 6-8 p.m. registration at 5:30 p.m.
• Geo. Galloway at Arab American Cultural Center, Tuesday, June 16, for Gaza convoy.
• Treasurer’s report: $455 ending balance;
• Minutes from May posted online; send corrections to CLT

Adjourned 9:10 p.m.