PAA Aug. 13, 2009 Agenda, Minutes & Treasurer's Report

Submitted by C. Lee Taylor on August 14, 2009 - 12:14am. ::

Attached PDF is a scan of the agenda, Ivan's minutes and the treasurer's report.

I was late to the meeting and prevailed on my esteemed colleague, Ivan, to pinch-hit on the minutes. Due to a miscommunication on my part, we are missing the last half of the meeting minutes so I've included the agenda and urge all of you to suss out info on the undocumented agenda items. I've also included in the attached PDF the treasurer's report. Thank you, Don, for emailing it. Lo siento for this improvised assemblage of minutes.

I am also pasting the correct info below about the Sedition Books/Super Happy Fun Land event this Saturday, Aug. 15, as we had some confusion about the date. Mark your calendar and hightail it to SHFL Saturday night.


Reminder to reserve Saturday night for the Sedition Benefit show at Super Happy Fun Land!
To all guests of Sedition Benefit Show at Super Happy Fun Land

Cale Layton
Today at 8:07pm
Don't Forget!
Sedition Books Benefit Show at Super Happy Fun Land

Come check out this show with some of our favorite Houston based bands-- old school hardcore, experimental noise, garage rock and punk. And at one of Houston's finest DIY venues--Super Happy Fun Land. What else could you possibly desire?

$7 gets you in all night

Delta Block

A Thousand Cranes


Room 101

Police State America (PSA)

And with any luck

Super Happy Fun Land is located @ 3801 Polk Street
Houston, Texas 77003

Doors open at 8pm

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