16th Annual Bioneers Conference

Oct 14 2005 - 5:55pm
Oct 16 2005 - 5:55pm

Event Description:

For professional and general audiences, this three-day annual event equips participants with models, resources and networks, encouraging everyone to act as primary forces in the transformation toward a restorative future. Bioneers are biological pioneers who are working with nature to heal nature and ourselves. They have peered deep into the heart of living systems to devise strategies for restoration based on nature's own operating instructions. They come from many cultures and perspectives, and all walks of life.
Bioneers are scientists and artists, gardeners and economists, activists and public servants, architects and ecologists, farmers and journalists, priests and shamans, policymakers and citizens. They are everyday people committed to preserving and supporting the future of life on Earth. They herald a dawning Age of Restoration founded in natural principles of kinship, interdependence, cooperation, reciprocity, and community.
In addition to the speakers listed at right, lunch and dinner are available at $11 per meal.

From 1:00 - 2:15 each day, breakout sessions will include yoga classes, drum circles, and discussions on topics including quantum physics, national health insurance, and organic food cooperatives. For detailed conference information, download the brochure At http://www.blackwoodland.com/TexasBioneers/index.htm
The Texas Bioneers Conference will be in Houston, October 14 - 16, at the University of St. Thomas. The conference offers solutions to problems growing out of environmental and cultural issues, including social justice, community and the human spirit.   Health insurance, economics for social change, urban watersheds, the green sanctuary program, and chemical exposure are other topics that will be discussed.
There will be a free full-day session for youth and educators on Oct 13. Registration before Oct 1 is $100 for all three days. Work exchange and scholarships are readily available and encouraged. This will be the third Texas Bioneers Conference. contact Cath Conlon at

or (713) 768-3422.

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University of St. Thomas

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Cath Conlon

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(713) 768-3422

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Registration before Oct 1 is $100 for all three days (work exchange / scholarships available!)