Houston Social Forum Organizing Committee Meeting

Oct 30 2005 - 2:00pm
Oct 30 2005 - 4:00pm

Event Description:

Meeting Agenda 

I. Introductions and Practice rap (talking about social forum)  (10 min) volunteers

II. article discussion - heather
http://www.consensus.net/ocac1.html (this is the article. it is short, but if you have time, please browse the other articles. it is the first chapter in a book on formal consensus. as we pretend to run our meetings on formal consensus, i thought this information would be good for us to review. are there any reservations about discussing this article?) (7 min)

III. Budget workgroup update

a. meeting summary -Charlie (5 min)
b. fundraiser (10 min) - Heather

IV. Facility workgroup update and discussion(logistics)

a. UH (10 min) - Ron?
b. date (20 min) - Kris?

V. Media update

a. reschedule skillshare (5 min) -Jennifer
b. pass out flyers for 11-13(1 min) - grab some, y'all

VI. Outreach update

a. check out my spreadsheet! (2 min) -Kris (can you do this for me because i may be gone at this point?)
b. proceed by selecting the groups we know per Charlie's suggestion? (15 min) - Charlie

VII. how to proceed?

a. workgroups schedule meetings (5 min)
b. do we need to meet every week with all of us? (15 min)

This makes 105 minutes and can easily change. This is merely what I, the agenda setter saw a need for as expressed by everyone else and myself.

We require:

one or two facilitators
a note taker
a vibes watcher
and a time keeper

if you would like to know what each of these duties entails, please call or email me and i can let you know. also check out http://www.consensus.net/ocac5.html

Event Contact Name:
Heather Smith

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