[MOVIE] Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices

Nov 20 2005 - 6:00pm
Nov 20 2005 - 9:00pm

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Join the PAA in viewing Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices at the Artery!

This week, the director of "Uncovered: The War on Iraq" and "Outfoxed" released his latest film, "Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices." It's a powerful exposé on the toll the Wal-Mart behemoth has taken on workers and communities across the country, and how we can help turn the tide.

Wal-Mart is going into attack mode.  The company has literally created a war room, staffed with political consultants who are working day and night to undermine the movie and spread pro-Wal-Mart propaganda.1 But it's not working: thanks to the questions raised by the film, national media are tuning in to Wal-Mart's high cost to American families-and last week the movie was featured on page 1 of the New York Times.

A coalition of over 600 unions, churches, and small business groups are joining together to launch the new Robert Greenwald film "Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices." Robert Greenwald is asking groups to host screenings across the US to help more people learn about what Wal-Mart is doing to employees, small businesses, and others.

More details on the movie are in this Houston Indymedia article: http://houston.indymedia.org/news/2005/11/45553.php/ .

Please join us! Meet & greet, light refreshments being at 6 pm, movie starts at 7 pm.

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