Minutes PAA 12-08-05

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PAA Minutes
LLU 6th Floor, Rm 6

Convened at 7 p.m.


Aimee Turney

Bill Crosier

Bob Turney

Brenda Fackler

C. Lee

Cheryl Crosier

David Courtney

Don Cook

Jon Axfod

Kimberly Gamble, Daisy Maura’s daughter

Kris Graham

Lee Demers

Ron Graham

Sherry Glover

Stephanie Hrabar

Willie Simons


Treasurer’s report: Brenda Fackler Beginning balance $955.27; donations $116.87 (Nov. meeting donations; 9-24 peace protest event; 11-20 WalMart movie event and $10 misc); expenses $375.56 (re-registration of website domain names; Houston Social Forum seed money donation; Houston Social Forum Zimmerman event; monthly room rental); ending balance $696.58


Run-offs on Saturday, Dec. 10: Don Cook urges support of Daisy Maura Campaign and circulated deceptive advertising by her opponent, Larry Marshall. Kimberly Gamble, Daisy’s daughter spoke about her mom: retired this past spring from being Principal at Sterling Consortium (elementary schools) 45 years experience with HISD; District 9 needs better representation and special attention by someone who knows how to address student needs; grassroots campaign run out of house; request for assistance phone banking and pushing cards on Saturday


Recap of Cheney/Delay protest – upbeat; funny protest; Diane Wilson still in jail because of outstanding warrant


Call for Iraq Town Hall meeting on Iraq: week of Jan 7: get together with congress person week of Jan 7 on subject of Iraq and withdrawing from Iraq; someone sympathetic like Sheila Jackson Lee is likely to host such an event; Veterans for Peace planning on visiting Culberson – Aimee proposes that his two opponents (Murff and Henley) go along as well;


Resolutions: proposed we resurrect the Kucinich resolutions and enlist candidates to indicate her/his support; sign-up list for folks wanting to work on revising


Website: moved to Wildhorse; can share server with other groups and share expenses; $360/yr including email lists – agreed not to share an IP address with anyone else; discussion about issues around sharing IP address, spam, porn; Sarah will work out agreements with other groups; proposal accepted without objections


New Year’s Eve party: C. Lee to contact Marian about possible venue for party otherwise at Bill & Cheryl’s house

Houston Social Forum update:
TSU chosen as venue and contract signed for April 29-30 HSF


Discussion about Goodwill Pierre running for county clerk against Beverly Kaufman; city ordinance requiring a paper ballot (hurricanes; world series; Hitner and Cutterbuck have endorsed)


Truth in Recruiting: Tuesday, Dec. 13 Veteran’s for Peace gig at Maryknoll House;


Environmental Resolution presented by Stephanie Hrabar: call mayor and council members Diagnosis of malignant cancers and coded it by zipcode


Check out GLBT endorsements for Saturday, Dec. 10 elections


Adjourned at 8:50