See how HSF forum on PAA web site works

Submitted by Bill Crosier on September 8, 2005 - 3:16pm. ::

If you haven't already done so, go to the "forum" for HSF (sorry, but the term forum is already in wide use elsewhere and I know it may be confusing) at:

There, you can see how the messages sent to our list are cross-posted to the forum on the web site. They are automatically sorted by thread (subject), and footers containing original messages and other junk (like ads) at the end are stripped out. It may be easier to find previous postings you or someone else has made here.

In addition, others who are browsing the PAA web site can discover what we're doing, and can participate in discussions by posting a note on the forum. It will then be automatically sent to the HSF e-mail list. In other words, the cross-posting works in both directions. This also makes it easy for people just joining the e-mail list to see what discussions are already going on (or past ones).

Just to let you know, I'm posting this message on the HSF forum on the web site, but you and others who are subscribed to the HSF e-mail list will get it, too, just as if I sent it via e-mail to the list post e-mail address.

Because of the public nature of the forums, you shouldn't post anything there or on the e-mail list that you want to keep private. Of course, e-mail in general should not be considered very private...

You can see the other forums on our new web site at
Note that the others haven't gotten started yet. Each has a corresponding e-mail list, like the HSF one. We're going to move the PAA discussion list (the old Kucinich-Hou-Core list) over soon, and then the PAA announcements list. We'll get all these lists & forums going as soon as someone has time to tell everyone about them and get people to subcribe to the corresponding e-mail list.