Hou City Council Special Elections

May 12 2007 - 1:00pm

Event Description:

Upcoming special election May 12:   for Houston City Council.

Alfred Molson is running for Shelly Sekula Gibbs’ seat advocating healthy jobs, healthy city;
Michelle Noriega is also running for Gibbs seat;
Carol Alvarado's term is limited.  James Rodriguez is running for her seat;
Jolanda Jones possibly running for At Large.
Michael Barry's term is limited;
Annie Wiseman and Ada Edwards' terms are limited.

Got more questions?    Ivan is omniscient.   Just ask him about each of the candidates and seats:  
escramble('ie3456','yahoo.com');">escramble('ie3456','yahoo.com');   or   713-269-7781.

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Ivan Espinosa

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