Karl Rove coming to town

Aug 12 2008 - 5:30pm
Aug 12 2008 - 7:30pm

Event Description:

Karl Rove will be in town 5:30-7:30 PM on Tuesday, August 12. He visits to raise funds for local candidates. Choose your issues for this opportunity!

Here is the first round of communications in 'our' circles around his presence:

John C wrote: Rove is having a fundraiser for John Davis! Here in Houston. We are looking for protestors, but not against the war, but against Rove and Davis. Think you can help muster up some folks?

John B wrote: I'll put out the word. Where and when?

John C replied: It is Aug 12 downtown at the aquarium 5:30-7:30.
THIS IS HUGE for the campaigns. He is raising for Davis, Legler, and Murphy, against Matula, Thibaut, and Redmond. This means they are running scared. We are looking for a large crowd with the theme “Go home Rove. Take Davis with you”. Or something similar.
Put the word out. We are rounding up people also.

Event Phone Contact Information:
Bill C called Don C who called me... asking to get it posted.