Protest at Cheney-Delay Fundraiser

Dec 5 2005 - 5:00pm
Dec 5 2005 - 7:00pm

Event Description:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are pleased to inform you that a growing number of organizations and individuals are working together to organize a large, spirited, and peaceful protest against Cheney, DeLay, and their policies of war, repression, torture, and injustice.

The growing list of co-sponsors for this protest include:
Bay Area New Democrats, Civilians Down, Code Pink, Community Involvement Committee of the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Democracy for Houston, Gold Star Families for Peace-Houston, Harris Co. Democrats, Harris Co. Green Party, Harris Co. Young Democrats, Houston Global Awareness Collective, Houston Peace Forum, International Socialist Organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, MoveOn, Peace Action, Progressive Action Alliance, Progressive Populist Caucus of the Texas Democratic Party, Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, Troops Out Now CoalitionVeterans for Peace, Worldwide Movement for Justice and Peace, and more.

We are united in our determination to send a loud, clear message of opposition to the war in Iraq; torture as a tool of foreign policy; the war against workers, immigrants, communities of color, women, and sexual minorities at home; the wanton corruption of the Bush Administration and Congressman Tom DeLay; Halliburton and war profiteering; and much more.

Monday, Dec. 5
5:00 - 7:00 pm
Give yourself extra time to deal with LOTS of traffic in the area.

Outside Westin Oaks Hotel
Houston Galleria, 5011 Westheimer Rd., Houston 77056

We will assemble on the sidewalk along Westheimer near Galleria entrances 2 and 3. If the turnout is as large as we anticipate, we should be able to spread out along South Post Oak, south of Westheimer, too.

Please stay on the sidewalks.  Don't stand in the Westheimer median.  Don't block the sidewalk for pedestrians.  Be careful to stay out of the street.

Please bring signs, banners, costumes, masks, puppets, and flashlights!   Shine your flashlight at our signs and costumes, not at cars.

We need lots of signs or T-shirts with BIG, EASY-TO-READ labelling.  Think large, bold letters, with high contrast -- lighting will be poor after about 5:30.

We don't have a single, simple theme, but anything bringing attention to DeLay's and Cheney's corruption, indictments, and/or support of torture, the occupation of Iraq, and the war at home would be great.

For suggestions on signs, costumes, masks, etc. see the longer version of this announcement at

We will have a sound permit, bullhorns, a video camera person, security volunteers, and a legal observer.  More still and video photographers are needed.

Please post your best photos, and any stories you wish to write about this, to afterwards.

Please let us know if your group would like to endorse the protest, if you can bring another video camera, or if you would like to help with security (to ensure that this is non-violent and to discourage interactions with any provocateurs or counter-demonstrators).

Please forward this announcement as widely as possible and contact us if you have questions or would like more information.

David from PWOC at (832) 692-2306
John from BAND at (281) 486-5203
Folko from ISO at (713) 775-2108
Stan from VFP at  713-666-8444
Bill from PAA at 713.305.5346 

Event Sponsor:
Progressive Action Alliance and numerous others

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